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How to Avoid Knee Injuries While Running
Being a runner requires dedication and organization.
Plus, you need to adopt a proper running form to enjoy injury-free running. Here's how:

  • First of all, always warm up before your run and give yourself several minutes to calm down. A two-three minute warm-up and short cool-down activities would definitely protect your knees.
  • Second, don't over-stride and let your feet get ahead of you.
  • Avoid picking up your knees as you run.
  • Pay attention to your running surface: choose a grassy or dirt path, woodland or nature trails or sand, but try not to run on concrete.
  • Make sure you have special running shoes that have enough support.
  • Always listen to your body and never run through pain.
  • Finally, don't run too fast. If you are feeling tired or once it becomes too complicated for you to run, switch to fast walking for a while.
In a nutshell, eliminating torque and impact are the two best places to work on your running form. It's great to learn your ultimate running form and work on your weak areas. Happy, pain-free running!