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Where To Run? Tips And Tricks Revealed
Running is fast to get started. You just lace up your shoes, open your door, and start running. But do you know that the proper route can double your fun?
We asked the now-seasoned runners to confess how they managed to find their best routes. So, let's check 2 most important tips:

  • First of all, mind your safety. If you prefer local roads or sidewalks, ensure to look for routes with limited traffic and a wide shoulder.
  • Second, determine your perfect running surface. Asphalt may be better than concrete ( usually because asphalt has a more flexible material vs. the rigidity of concrete, which reduces repetitive impact and strain on joints), but it may not be the best surface either. Asphalt provides perfect conditions for tempo workouts as you don't have to pay attention to the surface. Nearly every step is identical, and you can achieve maximum propulsion. This allows you to run at a fast pace. Bear in mind that soft woodland or nature trails have the best cushioning and are excellent for joint-friendly training. However, the soft surface is likely to sap your strength and slow your pace. Meanwhile, the grass is perfect for barefoot running as it strengthens your foot muscles and improves your running technique. Plus, well-maintained grass provides the best cushioning.