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Running Outfits: What Do I Actually Need?
The right running clothing does make a huge difference. Wondering what is it like?
What to wear not to be too cold or hot while running? We've got the answers.

  • Typically, running apparel includes sport leggings or spandex shorts, polyester shirts and tank tops that are specially created to wick away moisture, and sports bras that can hold your breasts in place, prevent them from sagging, and to help keep their shape while running. And, of course, a pair of good running sneakers.

  • Regardless of the weather, it's always best to wear special absorb and wick away moisture clothing, so when you sweat, it doesn't bring you down. When it's hot, shorts, a shirt and socks might be all you need on a run. For chilly weather, choose long tight sport leggings or yoga pants and a long sleeve running jacket. For cold/freezing weather, choose Merino wool thermal clothing as it's a good temperature regulator, so it will help keep you cool on warm days.
Now, you are ready to go!