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Running Eating Prerequisites: What To Eat And When
Should I eat before the run? If yes, what should I eat and how long after eating should I wait before going for a run? We've got the answers.
Eating habits depend on runner's preferences and other corresponding factors. Let's check them out.

  • If you are a morning runner, you can either eat nothing or eat something small, for instance, an energy bar or a banana, before the run. Unless you are not going to run for more than two hours, your body does not need extra fuel in the morning, so it's ok not to eat before the morning run. But don't forget to stay hydrated!

  • If you run not in the morning, ensure at least two hours have passed after your last heavy meal. It's best to choose easily digestible foods for your meal before the run. Try not to eat fatty or high fiber foods because they may sit in your stomach and take longer to digest. In any case, when you begin exercising, ensure you feel comfortable and don't feel too 'heavy' in your stomach.