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Best Breathing Techniques For Runners
Do you focus on breathing while running? Meanwhile, we remind you that the way you breathe can either make or break your run.
Here's how to breathe to enjoy a better run, sidestepping injuries:

  • Start with running at a pace at which you can breathe easily. That's called the "talk speed" meaning that you should run at the speed that allows you to talk normally.

  • Train breathing in and out primarily through your mouth when running. That'll be great if your nose joins the party and helps get air in and out.

  • Become a belly breather. That means you should learn to breathe from your diaphragm.

  • Practice rhythmic breathing as it plays a main role in keeping you injury-free. Besides, breathing at a rate which rhythmically matches locomotion significantly reduces the stress on the respiratory system when you are running.

  • Finally, don't breathe extremely deeply whenever you focus on the breath. Be careful with this.