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Should I Cool Down After The Run? And How To Do It
Do you know why it's crucial to incorporate a proper cool-down after the run? Let's find out why and how to do this.
Simply put, the cooldown eases your body back into reality and provides your muscles with oxygenated blood, which speeds up the recovery process and helps you avoid sore muscles. Meanwhile, if you stop abruptly after your run, this makes your blood pool and it can even cause dizziness.

Your cool-down shouldn't put any extra stress on your body, that's why it's great to keep the pace nice and easy. There are two most common ways to go:
  • If you are in a hurry: walk at least a few minutes post-run.
  • If you want to reap more benefits: walk 3-5 minutes briskly, then switch to gentle walking. Practice hip circles in lunge (half a minute for every leg). After that, try lunge and twist (half a minute for every leg) and finish with the pigeon Pose (half a minute for every leg)

That's it! Now you'll recover faster, can get started with your next workout sooner. Plus, you have a lower risk of injury and overtraining.