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How To Run Properly
A poor running technique can lead to serious injury risks. Are you sure that you are running properly?
Test yourself with these running techniques we have prepared for you.

  1. Run keeping your head straight. As you run, look ahead of you, but not down at your feet because it might create tension in your neck and shoulders. It's best to keep your jaw and neck relaxed.

  2. Don't bounce up and down too much as you run. Here's a great tip on how to minimize bouncing: run slightly low to the ground with shorter strides, which will increase your cadence (or your steps per minute).

  3. Run with relaxed hands and wrist. It's also advisable to your hands in an unclenched fist. Your fingers should lightly touch your hands.

  4. Keep your knees be in line with the middle of your foot. Ensure that when your foot strikes the ground while running, it's right under your knee.

In a nutshell, when running properly, you can not only help improve your performance and eliminate your running ailments and injuries risks but also gain lots of fun. Happy running!